Monthly Archive: June 2020


New Innovations and Old Exercises

With the beginning of each new day, new innovations are born, and in a short time, they make their mark. Awareness of technology is considered indispensable in modern times. Because every coming day will...


Wisdom And Science

The human brain is unable to understand the real “reality.” The human intellect is failing step by step in this day and age. The statement of the scholars and imams that the human intellect...


Misuse Of Technology

It is said that the greatest achievement of human beings is the technology created by them, which is a source of convenience and convenience for human beings in modern times. Man is unable to...


Astronomical Observations In Science

How would astronomers observe the universe with the help of modern science and modern instruments? Modern scientists study astronomical phenomena in the following way: Observation is the basis of astronomy, and is the first...

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